Barak Fund

  • Open-ended Sharia Compliant Trade Finance Fund
  • Over 50 Years Investment Team’s Combined Experience
Barak Ibdar Sharia Trade Finance Fund

  • Trade finance has historically been a stable, profitable and robust business for banks, with minimal realized loss ratios and low correlation to either the real economy or other banking activities.
  • The Investment Team’s skill set reflects over 50 years of combined experience in Asset Management on the African continent, principally in the commodity derivative and physical commodity trading environment.

Fund Key Points

  • Invests in commodity-based and general trade finance transactions which are either import, export or general merchandising related Investments in accordance with Islamic Principles.
  • The Fund is based on the same underlying strategy as the current flagship Barak Structured Trade Finance Fund (short-term, asset-backed alternate credit lending in the sub-Sahara African region), however it is mandated to invest in Shariah-compliant trades.
  • Focusing on minimal volatility with objective ensures a broad mix of countries, counter-parties and underlying commodities and products, as well as monitoring of collateral and other securities to minimize loss in the event of any defaults.


Redemption Request: 5 business days before the end of every calendar quarter (90Days).
Subscription Request: 5 business days before the end of every calendar month.

Fund Manager Track Record: STF (Conventional Trade Finance Fund) Historical Performance
  '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 '15 '16 '17*
YTD 15.99 16.47 16.17 14.41 13.98 11.46 10.98 9.24 1.97
Cum. Returns

* Up to the month of March

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Further enquiries on Asset Management, contact:
Ikbal Daredia
Senior Executive Director, Capital Markets & Treasury

+973 17 510033