CEO Message

Welcome to Ibdar Bank, a globally-focused, ethics driven, Islamic Investment Bank with a rich history and a robust regional shareholder base.

Born out of the merger of three Bahrain based banks, Ibdar is one of the largest banks by assets in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with business activities in aviation, debt, equity, and treasury capital markets, asset management, real estate and investment advisory services.

Since inception, our diverse team of passionate professionals have built a well-diversified investment platform, and gained extensive experience in sectors including aviation, financial services, infrastructure, oil & gas, petrochemicals and real estate to provide global Muslims with the investment opportunities they demand.

At Ibdar, we strongly believe in responsible investment principles that incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and seek to support a more sustainable global financial system. Aligned with these values, we remain steadfast in our dedication to the awaqf, and the elevation of the Islamic Financial Services Industry in general; lending our support to local and global initiatives that drive innovation and knowledge sharing in all segments of the industry.

While our business is guided by core Islamic values, we remain abreast of industry innovation and leverage financial technology (FinTech) to elevate the investor experience and take the Bank to the next level.

Today, the Bank has expanded its global footprint in the Islamic banking and investment domain, with investments in the UK, USA, Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Levant and Asia (MENATSA) regions, and is well positioned to forge more cross border collaborations that bring together, not only the GCC countries, but also Muslims worldwide through meaningful investments that add real value to people’s lives.

Ayman Sejiny
Chief Executive Officer